Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management is often viewed as a complex subject where very few have knowledge or expertise. Many organizations in the world articulate themselves well on the subject of risk management and of their risk management practices, processes but most fail to practice what they have documented. This has been borne true in the economic crises the world has seen and particularly so in the 2008/9 downturn where an unprecedented number of global giants failed.

GCC’s approach to Enterprise Risk Management seeks to cut through the complexity of today’s rapidly evolving economic conditions in order to formulate risk management strategies and provide a risk framework that its management team can easily and proactively work with. From formulating risk tolerances to risk registers to the risk committees that are in line with organisational size and complexity, GCC provides guidelines on capturing, monitoring and mitigating risks ranging from financial risk, operational risk, compliance & regulatory risk, governance risk, reputational risk to strategic risk. Our ability to recognize and map risks across the organization and design structured interventions which can be practically embedded into its operations is a key factor through which GCC brings success to its client. GCC’s knowledge transfer approach also ensures the organization builds internal capacity in risk management.