HR and Human Capital

In today’s environment, competitive advantage comes not through funding or asset bases but through the imagination and creativity of your employees and their ability to deliver on the company’s promises.  In fact, it is now said that 80% of an organisation’s value lies in its intangible assets such as human, intellectual and social capitals – which are all human related capitals.

A successful HR strategy needs to focus on how a company gets its employees to deliver value, what HR capabilities need to be developed to attain its goals as well as how an organization engages with its team to empower them, build their creativity and organizational loyalty. We truly believe that an organization is about its people. An organization’s HR strategy should, therefore, be married very closely to its strategic plan. GCC helps client organizations put together an effective HR strategy aligned with their immediate and long term goals and requirements, with a focus not only on delivering current strategy but in building a leadership pipe-line which will ensure future growth and sustainability of the organization. To this end, the HR planning experts at GCC, together with the client’s own HR department, profile individual employees, departments, define competencies, craft employee engagement and development activities to bring forth a highly committed results-and- value-driven team.

Another strategic imperative that needs to come under the radar of the senior management team is Succession Planning. Very few organizations are taking a pro-active view of the talent requirements of the organization, both immediate as well as future requirements. Most have ad hoc recruitment processes which serve a short term need of the organization.  GCC helps it client organization work through the future organizational structure required in order to achieve its Vision and then builds a succession matrix looking at the internal talent pool first.  Where required, where the expertise is not found to be inherent to the organization, we will suggest skill sets to be recruited keeping a tight focus on the cost structures of the company.  The idea is not to build heavy, fixed cost structures but to bring in talent at the right time to push the company through its transformational journey.