Business Strategy & Transformation

At GCC, we understand that strategic planning is more than just coming up with an idea and allocating resources to execute that idea. Instead, we brainstorm with the entire senior team of the client organization to derive or revisit the Vision, Mission and Purpose Statement of the organization. We meet with the Board of Directors or Board representatives of the organization to get a high level understanding of organizational direction.

We then work with the key management team to map out the organization’s internal and external landscape, industry dynamics and competitor realities as well as the global landscape.

The insights gathered are then pulled together to form a future oriented, tailored strategic plan helping the organization reach its full potential. The long and short term strategic imperatives of the organization are further distilled into executionable activities with effective incentive schemes set in place in order to ensure strategic delivery. In effect, we craft the strategic initiative in such a way that the ideas come from the management itself, so that it is a plan “by the people for the people” ensuring management buy-in at all levels. As a result, the plan immediately and seamlessly flows into action. We thereafter hand hold and work with the client in tracking targets and goals, reaching milestones and making sure that implementation delivers the expected results.

GCC engages with an organization in the medium to long term and acts as a partner in delivering the strategic outcomes agreed with management. It takes an “Execution Guaranteed” approach to any initiative undertaken by the company.

GCC draws strength from a wide, experienced base of consultants with a proven track record, all of who are currently serving on Boards of Private and Public companies. The solutions we provide are tailored not only to suit your organization but also to acknowledge the cultural factors that affect change & implementation. We further understand that strategic execution is all about an organization’s people. Our proven track record in Human Resources is a great enabler in this sphere as we focus not only on delivering strategy but also on motivating your team to stretch and grow with the organization and have fun while doing so! The result is an energized team who internalize strategic execution as part of their core values.

At GCC, we consider ourselves your partner in the strategic journey you have embarked upon. We do not simply deliver a Strategic Planning document and walk away. We engage with you repeatedly over the engagement period to hand-hold your team to work through challenges, capitalize on opportunities and maximize organizational and individual strengths. It’s a relationship that we give our 100% commitment to.